Windsor Street Physio

6.30pm on a Friday night: As usual the week had been draining, infact this was fairly typical of the previous 25 years of working life, working long hours, firefighting issues constantly, and feeling tired and fatigued. Is this really what owning a business is about?

A quote from my accountant. John Schol resonated in my head “The business is there to serve you, not you serving the business”. I had things the wrong way around and needed to do something about it. That was 2 years ago….

John helped us look at various aspects of our business operations and put in place a business plan with realistic goals in a structured way. This was followed up with Malloch McCleans Business Development team support and their Planning for Success seminars. I use the information obtained from these on a daily basis in all aspects of work. What seems to set them apart is their genuine interest in our business and wanting to help us achieve success across many aspects of work and personal life.

As a business owner for 25 years, I thought I knew how to run a business but John and his business team have shown me a better way that is rewarding, enjoyable and leaves me enthusiastic for the future.

They really do become friends rather than just another accountant. Staff are happier, work is a fun place to be and I’m no longer at my desk late on a Friday.

Can we make your business life more enjoyable and rewarding?