The Plant Store

Michael Tither

I started with Malloch McClean’s Business strategy programme because our business is currently in a state of high growth and I was finding myself scrambling rather than making clear and concise decisions. I wanted to make sure all the right things were being done for the business and for it to align with my vision of where I see it going.

These sessions make sure I keep our Business the lean, clean machine that I intended to create from the conception of The Plant Store and take it to where it has the full potential to go.

I did a business planning session with John and it was fantastic, it invigorated me and reassured me of the direction we are heading and how we can get there. The best thing was setting the 90 day goals to keep us on track. It is important having a deadline, it gives it urgency and makes us accountable.These coaching sessions mean I don’t second guess my business decisions. I only work on tasks towards my goals in the business.

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