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Jeremy McClean 

Jeremy is a chartered accountant with around 4 decades of public practice in the Southern region, holds a Public Practice Certificate with Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand and is a Justice of the Peace.  Jeremy provides strategic, succession, tax advisory and governance services to a significant portfolio of local agri and commercial businesses.  He also enjoys mentoring young business leaders to grow smarter, better businesses.

“Embracing technology will enable people to free up their time to focus on what is really important and to plan for the future.”

Email: jeremy@mmca.co.nz
Phone: 0274548464

John Schol 

John is the CEO of Malloch McClean Invercargill and works closely with our Tasman and Westport offices as they build their businesses.

John is also a Regional Councillor for Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand; Chair of Southern Institute of Technology’s Business Advisory Board and a Director of South Alive Limited.

John has experience as facilitator, strategist and business mentor in the professional services, commercial, retail and rural sectors. His role within the accounting industry includes strategic planning, one on one and group coaching of firms wanting to future proof themselves.  

“You only have to do two things to be successful – work out what you want to do, then go out and do it…”

Email: john.schol@mmca.co.nz
Phone: 0212755646

Campbell Hay 

Campbell started at Malloch McClean in 1991, and after a stint overseas returned in 1998, rejoining the team to become a Director in 2004. He has a wealth of experience in Business and Rural accounting, Taxation, and Succession Planning.

“I enjoy working with a variety of Business and Rural clients, and enjoy taking a team approach to providing great solutions.”

Email: campbell@mmca.co.nz

Phone: 021949579

Blair Evans 

Blair joined Malloch McClean in 2018 from a 22 year long career in rural banking including a  roles of Rural Manager, Regional Manager and holding a National Coaching role and was named named ASB Leader of the Year in 2017.  

Blair specialises in Agri-Business, Business Mentoring, Strategic planning and Succession Planning.

“Running a farm or business has become more complex, those that are operating successfully often have a clear plan, talk about the numbers and a have team that will hold them to account. Surround yourself with a team that will support you and your business.” 

Email: blair@mmca.co.nz
Phone: 0274977951

Eric VanEeden 

For over thirty years Eric has been assisting clients to build better businesses. Since he joined Malloch McClean after University, he’s had many decades of exposure to a wide range of business types but has focused on farming and businesses that support farming.

With family businesses you build strong relationships and a high level of trust. You share and celebrate the wins and become more motivated to improve when things don’t go so well. You share closely the tribulations of not only their businesses but also their families.”

Gain collective wisdom and build a strong team of advisers around your business. Focus on the value that they can bring to you business. You don’t know what you don’t know.”

Email: eric@mmca.co.nz
Phone: 0274548466

Ian Harrington 

Ian’s tenure at Malloch McClean started in 1987 and became Director in 2004. Ian is passionate about providing a broad range of services to his diverse clientele who have entities from retail outlets to large rural operations.  With expertise in financial management, profitability and cash flow, it is working alongside his clients, supporting them to achieve success by helping them have robust plans in place for their business that Ian enjoys most.

“It’s all about choice. It’s getting to the position where you do things by choice rather than necessity”

Email: ian@mmca.co.nz
Phone: 0274774266

Peter Sim 

Peter merged his Accounting Practice with Malloch McClean in 2014 and offers a wealth of sound practical accounting knowledge and experience to clients.

Peter’s pragmatic attitude, coupled with his strategic and innovative thinking has brought success to many Southland and wider afield  businesses within the commercial and rural sectors.

“Assisting clients to progress their businesses and realise their potential is what drives my enthusiasm and passion”

Email: peter@mmca.co.nz
Phone: 0273267799

Mark Doggett 

Mark has worked at Malloch McClean since 2008 and specialises in commercial and farming accounting. He works on valuations of businesses and business restructures, overseas taxes, large scale farming operation, and specialist taxation information and advice.

Mark loves seeing his clients grow and achieve the things they want. He’s continually learning, and improving his knowledge on taxation, farming or commercial industries well as his clients. 

“Regular Coaching and Contact with your advisors creates a tight, close knit team.”

Email: mark@mmca.co.nz
Phone: 0212430222

Sarah Valli 

Sarah is also the Operations Manager and has worked at Malloch McClean since 2006. She has been exposed to many different industries, but thoroughly enjoys new business start-ups and getting people sorted right from the start, making sure they have a solid plan in place and understand the basics of how a business works.

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it… it’s your choice how you react.”

Email: sarah@mmca.co.nz
Phone: 0276350355

Hayden Shaw 

Hayden has over 20 years of accounting experience and since working at Malloch McClean since 1997. He specialises in providing tax and business advice to small businesses and farmers, and works closely with his clients to help them meet their tax requirements and cash flow needs.

“I enjoy helping clients navigate their way through online accounting programmes such as Xero and Figured.”

Email: hayden@mmca.co.nz

Phone: 0274186894

Lachie Shannon 
Engagement Strategist

Lachie’s purpose is to help others discover and create fulfilment through work. This is achieved by creating an environment where people feel proud of where the work, passionate about what they do and are consistently positive in thought and action.

Lachie created the Let’s Prosper brand and framework while in the education sector, then joined Malloch McClean to widen their ability to impact and support businesses in multiple industries to develop high performance workplace cultures. The last six years have been all about listening, learning and developing solutions for overcoming people-based issues within teams.

“Change is hard because people overestimate the value of what they have – and underestimate the value of what they may gain by giving that up.”

Email: lachie@mmca.co.nz
Phone: 0211712481

Michael Hunter 
Client Advisor

Michael has worked at Malloch McClean since 2011, and was also a school leaver on the team before his OE. He now specialises in rural accounting and works with programmes like Cash Manager and Figured.

Michael’s role involves working closely with predominantly rural clients either finalising annual accounts and tax returns or delivering coaching services such as Quarterly Coaching or Financial Awareness Coaching.  It’s the direct contact with clients and working with them throughout the year Michael enjoys most.

“It is satisfying seeing clients grow and improve their financial position”

Email: michael@mmca.co.nz

Phone: 0274242273

Juliana Kean 
Client Services

Juliana started at Malloch McClean in 2000 and is an Associate Charted Accountant. She spent her early years focusing on tax and has been the main point of contact with the local Inland Revenue office for over a decade. Juliana now also manages a number of Malloch McClean’s estate clients.

“Take advantage of any part of a job that can be automated – there are so many other ways to spend that time you have saved.”

Email: juliana@mmca.co.nz

Phone: 032144166

Nicola Kean 
Payroll Manager

Nicola started with Malloch McClean in 2009 in the payroll team. Since then she has evolved to hold a manager’s role for the administration team and role of Office manager which has given her a broader understanding of the business. Nicola enjoys working closely with a variety of our clients providing quality advice that can help our clients in the short term with services like payroll and secretarial services and in the long term with human resources service, support and advice.

“If you are unsure of something get advice first – Payroll in particular is much easier to get right the first time”

Email: nicola@mmca.co.nz

Phone: 032144166

Tracey Gibb 
Client Advisor

Tracey started working at Malloch McClean in 2004 working her way to hold the role of team leader and is now the main point of contact for a wide range of clients. Tracey has expertise in tax compliance and supporting her clients to ensure their Trust is being maximised for the optimal outcomes. Meeting with clients to finalise their tax returns and building an ongoing relationship with them is a highlight for her.

“I love knowing that we are here to help relieve some of their compliance stress. I love seeing clients grow, both in their business and personally.”

Email: tracey@mmca.co.nz

Phone: 032144166

Rebecca Harvey 
Client Advisor

Rebecca has been part of the family since working for Malloch McClean for 7 years before heading overseas, returning to complete 6 years in the Queenstown office before returning to the Invercargill office in 2014. Rebecca has developed a high level of technical accounting knowledge and uses this to support her clients in their financial statements, taxation returns and business restructures when required. She also enjoys her role of team leader, teaching her team new skills and helping them develop as people alongside their careers.

“I enjoy working with clients through their unique situations to resolve their issues and provide the best outcomes for them so they can focus on their business”

Email: rebecca@mmca.co.nz

Phone: 032144166

Nadia Collins 
Client Advisor

Nadia started as a trainee in Malloch McClean in 1997 and in that time has become a Senior Accountant and team leader. It is a testament to her broad range of experience in the sector as well as her skills in relationship management as her portfolio consists of many clients from when she first started.

“My motivation is to build great relationships with my clients and help them achieve their goals and to get the best outcomes possible”

Email: nadia@mmca.co.nz

Phone: 032144166

Alicia Thompson 
Client Advisor

Alicia has worked with Malloch McClean since 2004 and is also a team leader. She specialises in tax advice and enjoys learning constantly, and helping her clients learn too.

“I enjoy helping people obtain the 3 freedoms of Time, Money and Mind; Time, helping make things easier so you can spend less time on paperwork. Money, putting a budget in place so you know where your cash is going and mind, removing stress by knowing everything is up to date.”

Email: alicia@mmca.co.nz

Phone: 032144166