Country & Co

Paula Laughton

I got to know the Malloch McClean team in the early 2000s via my network of friends and colleagues. Eric van Eeden was referred to me as an accountant.

Eric and the team have always made the time to help, they are efficient and very proactive. In my experience things are always done on time!

Over the last 15 years we needed more help and advice when we bought our farm, when my husband became a stock agent, and most recently with the new real estate company, Country & Co.

Malloch McClean have a great team approach, and always use the right person for the job. 

This year I have attended their “Planning for Success” workshops, which are providing me with innovative tools for my future in business. I would highly recommend Malloch McClean for anyone in any business.

Can we make your business life more enjoyable and rewarding?